Are Veterans Siding With Republicans or Democrats?


Veterans Switching Parties

David Hansen, a US Navy veteran had been an avid Trump supporter and Republican, but this year, he’s changed his mind.

In 2017, Hansen’s life changed after he suffered from a severe stroke. Because of his health, he lost his job and along with it, his health care coverage. Hansen has to pull together funds to pay for his own insurance coverage since the care he was receiving from the VA was inadequate.

Is Hansen the Only One?

There are many stories like Hansen’s and it’s these stories that are going to mold the upcoming elections. Hansen feels like Congress as it stands now isn’t doing anything to help and he believes that changing his vote is the only way to see results.

He has decided to vote as a Democrat in the upcoming elections.

What About the VA Reform?

On the other hand, there are veterans out there who believe that the Trump administration is doing its best to reform the VA and the healthcare that veterans have access to. The Republican party has been known to tailor their campaigns towards veteran causes and support and this year is going to be no different.

While we don’t know what the outcome of the upcoming political race will be, one thing is for sure. Veterans can have a pretty large impact with their votes and it’s the time of year where it’s important to bring veteran issues to light.

As a Republican or Democrat, what do you consider to be an important point when it comes to voting in the coming election?