Is Trumps Border Plan A Stunt or Does It Have National Security Value?

US Border

Operation Faithful Patriot

President Donald Trump has announced his decision to deploy over 5,000 US troops to the US-Mexico border in an effort to defend the border against unlawful crossing.

This mission titled, Operation Faithful Patriot, is supposed to be an effort to increase national security, but some people are just seeing it as a political move instead.

Will Fischer, a veteran from the Marines thinks he is “using the military again as a political prop to advance his own agenda” and he is not alone in this mindset.

Despite questions of cost, necessity, and even legality, the Pentagon is set on moving forward with the deployment anyway. It is still unclear as to the exact number of troops scheduled for this motion, but it will be over 5,000.

General Terence O’Shaughnessy believes that the troops are a necessity and that the US border needs to be protected for national security. He claims that the caravan set for the border is much larger than anything they have dealt with before and having these troops is a necessary precaution.

Politics or Safety

So which side do you fall on? Is this just politics to boost the coming campaign, or is this clearly an effort to reduce a national security threat?

Supporters believe that sending these troops shows strength and decisiveness, so long as the troops are not utilized for a long time period.

Critics of these measures claim that most of the migrants are women and children and the presence of the troops are not a necessity at all. In fact, they think their presence is far too dramatic and could cause more of a stir than if they were not there.

Is this power-play worth the cost? Should we be defending our border from unknown migrants? Is it all just a political maneuver? Where do you stand on this issue?