Veterans in Congress


Veteran numbers in Congress is on a decline, but after the recent elections, there is going to be a record number of female veterans serving.

A total of 6 female vets will be joining Capitol Hill bringing the veteran total for Congress to 93, but more female veterans ran for office this year than ever before.

This year’s midterm elections had a total of 170 veterans on the ballots which was an improvement from previous numbers.

Why Have Veteran Congress Numbers Decreased?

Despite the growing number of female veterans, the overall total of veterans in Congress is still decreasing. In the 1970’s over 70% of all Senate and House members served in the U.S. military at some time. Now, these numbers are down to about 19%.

It is speculated that this has decreased drastically since the end of the draft, but it was also affected by the Vietnam War. Those who served in the military were much less likely to join the political front once they got out. Now, we are starting to see a change in the trend which could have something to do with the era of 9/11 vets.

What Will More Veterans In Office Mean?

It was interesting to see a growing number of veterans on the ballots during this midterm election. Some people believe that more veterans serving in Congress means less division among the members. When people share service in their past, it creates more of a bond that overthrows the partisanship that we commonly see.

What are your thoughts on veterans serving in the House and Senate? Should more veterans run for office?