Vets Without Honorable Discharge Carry A Heavier Burden


Where do veterans who have not been honorably discharged for the military turn to for help? Approximately 500,000 vets have been excused from their military service without an honorable discharge and for many, they have nowhere to turn to for help.

What Does it Mean to Have ‘Bad Paper’?

When veterans have ‘bad paper’, they typically lose access to any veteran care services and have a much more difficult time finding support or a new job. This makes them much more vulnerable to suicide and homelessness. Some say that not being honorably discharged is far worse than not having served at all!

Non-honorable discharge from the military can be caused by many different things, but sometimes, the reason behind their discharge is linked to PTSD, traumatic brain injury, or even sexual assault which is the direct result of their military service.

Some could say that it hardly seems fair that these men and women are put into this situation considering they wouldn’t have encountered these problems if they hadn’t served in the first place.

A New Hope

This is all going to change for the veterans living in the state of Connecticut. For any veterans who can prove that their discharge from the military is linked to any PTSD, traumatic brain injury, or military sexual assault, they will have full access to VA resources in the state.

When vets are struggling with these conditions, they are extremely vulnerable to both mental health and economic issues. If you add on the fact that they cannot get access to proper care, it makes matters much much worse.

Is More Change Coming?

After years of lobbying efforts, veterans in this situation can finally qualify for the health benefits that they need. Now that Connecticut has been able to change their laws, legislatures are working to make this a new national policy for the VA.